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I am so excited to bring the “Wellness Effect” to my clients. The idea that one small positive change or action can lead to another is one of my strongest beliefs, guiding all aspects of my personal and professional life. Drawing on my passion for eastern medicine, blended with my education and experience in western health and physical education, my commitment to yoga, nature, exercise and nutrition, I lives by the mantra that a wellness and abundance mindset are the keys to leading a healthy, full and ultimately “best” life.

My journey into Alternative Medicine began in 2005 when I transitioned from the corporate world to become a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Coach.  Over the course of the next 12 years, I worked with thousands of clients through my Pre and Postnatal fitness classes , Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching services - continuously finding myself drawn to helping my clients deal more with their illnesses, injuries and issues than just helping them get fit and lose weight.

My own journey in wellness includes personal use of acupuncture, a committed yoga practice, healthy eating and preventative health strategies. More and more drawn to non-invasive health therapies, and ultimately to the ancient and proven practices of Chinese Medicine, specifically Acupuncture and dietary therapy,  I pursued the intensive 3 year training and Rigorous Board exams to become a Registered Acupuncturist in the Province of BC.

I have the unique opportunity to blend my experience in movement and exercise with my education in the treatment of injuries and pain. In this area,  I is focused on treating sports injuries, chronic and acute muscle pain, myofascial and nerve pain.

Additionally, my passion for women’s health has evolved from the pre and postnatal stages in my fitness career, to a desire to help women age healthfully through their 40’s and 50’s as they encounter the next changes in their health and life. In this area, I am focused on treating gynaecological issues experienced in peri-menopause , as well as the muscular, metabolic, emotional and physical symptoms that occur during this time of life, and offering non-invasive cosmetic therapies.

Through acupuncture, moxa, cupping, tui-na (chinese massage), dietary therapy, yoga and exercise philosophy, my clients can achieve ultimate healing, wellness and abundance in their own lives.

When I'm not working, you can find me in the mountains, hiking or skiing with my husband and 2 sons, on my yoga mat, playing with my hilarious two Boston Terriers, or somewhere outside soaking in the nature of this beautiful province.

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